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Yasmine & the Magic Hips Dancers
photo by Gary Musselman
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Yasmine & The Magic Hips Dancers are a professional award nominated Mid-East Dance troupe based out of Charlotte, NC under the direction of belly dance superstar, Yasmine, nominated in Zaghareets 2003 Golden Belly Awards as Best Kept Secret, as Instructor of the year in 2005, featured on the cover of Zaghareet Magazine's May/June 2007 issue and awarded runner-up as NAFOURA magazine's 2010 Best Belly Dance Teacher.
As one of the Southeast's most popular performers at restaurants, festivals, special events and gala shows, Magic Hips have been nominated for Troupe of the Year in Zaghareets 2005, 2006 & 2008 Golden Belly Awards.
The Magic Hips Dancers, Yasmine's highest level of performance troupe members along with Yasmine's Ensemble Dance Troupe, Beledi Beat,
perform together as The Jewels of the Caravan each year at The Carolina Renaissance Festival and have been awarded winner as one of the Best Dance Troupes of 2007, 2009 & 2010 by the Annual Renaissance Festival Awards.
You will see Yasmine & members of Magic Hips performing at various private engagements & special occasions such as wedding receptions, birthdays, theme parties, festivals and gala show events. You can also see members of Magic Hips, Beledi Beat & En-Trance Bellydance performing together at local festivals & events as Mid-East Magic Dance Ensemble.


Lead Instructor, Troupe Director
, Choreographer, Dance Artist & Workshop Instructor

Yasmine, who has an extensive background in ballet, tap, jazz, & Middle Eastern dance, is the studio owner of Mid-East Dance by Yasmine. Yasmine spent much of 2004 touring with the Bellydance Superstars performing in major cities around the United States as well as Barcelona, Spain and after touring teamed up with Master Tabla Player Issam Houshan, Carmine Guida & Karim Nagi (Turbo Tabla) in offering Drum & Dance workshops. Yasmine enjoys performing all styles of Belly Dance as well as popular fusion dance styles and continues to focus on Raqs Al Sharqi/Egyptian Style with inspiration from master percussionist Souhail Kaspar. Yasmine is an entertainer at heart and is well recognized for her dynamic movements, which she carefully extends to her students grooming them for their own spectacular performances. As well as being a sought after instructor due to her personable and fun teaching approach, Yasmine's distinct and energetic performance style captures the heart of her audiences with her own magic flair. Yasmine was featured on the cover of the May/June 2007 issue of Zaghareet, appeared as a guest artist for Dr. Samy Farag's 2008 CD Release Gala Show in Texas and most recently awarded runner up for Best Teacher in NAFOURA Magazine's 2010's Best Artists Awards. Yasmine is currently teaching seminars throughout the U.S and Worldwide.
(Yasmine photo by Carl F. Sermon)

Magic Hips Dancer

Aliscia' began bellydancing under Yasmines instruction in 2003 and joined Magic Hips in 2007. Aliscia' views bellydancing as a powerful, sensual dance in the most feminine form. Aliscia' developed a love for dance at a very early age, studying and performing the traditional Western styles of ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical. Missing the element of dance in her life, she decided she would try bellydancing, fell in love with all aspects of the dance, and hasnt looked back. In addition to her dancing and love for music, she enjoys performing for and sharing the pure joy and energy of bellydancing with her audiences. She feels that dancing is a way of letting go and finding oneself at the same time. Aliscia' has focused mainly on Raks Sharki but also enjoys exploring American Tribal Style.


Magic Hips Dancer

Alimah stumbled upon Mid-East Dance by Yasmine after relocating to North Carolina in 2005.  Dance has always been part of her life, and she was excited to explore a new dance form in her new hometown.  By 2006 she was hooked, attending multiple classes with multiple instructors every week.  A self-proclaimed "workshop junkie," Alimah has supplemented her local training with dozens of workshops, classes, and intensives with master instructors.  She has been particularly inspired by Ava Fleming, Suhaila Salimpour, Cassandra, and Saida.  In addition to her belly dance training, Alimah has a lifetime of jazz and tap training under her hip belt.  She enjoys performing as a soloist and as part of a troupe, and was a member of the Beledi Beat Dancers in 2008.  Alimah joined Magic Hips in November of 2009.

Magic Hips Dancer
, Instructor

Huriyyah began belly dancing in 2002 and is the youngest member of Magic Hips. Her dance background began at an early age with tap, jazz, ballet, and pointe where she won 1st place solos in competition for ballet and pointe. Huriyyah prefers belly dance to any other form of dance because of the limitless number of styles and moves and is proud to be one of the original members since 2004 of The Magic Hips Dancers under her sisters direction.
Huriyyah performs regularly as a soloist at several area restaurants and special engagements and also specializes in Latin Bellydance Fusion & Modern Bollywood for themed events.
"I wish to thank you very much for sending Huriyyah to perform at my husbands 50th birthday party...I was very impressed with Huriyyah's skills in the art of Belly Dance. Everyone was in awe of the beauty, grace & elegance of Huriyyah's talents..."- G.McGinnes (Kings Mountain, NC)




Magic Hips Dancer

Kamilah began taking classes with Yasmine in 2005 and her passion for the dance soared as she realized that belly dancing was more than just a hobby. As her love for performance grew, she became a member of Yasmine's Beledi Beat dance troupe and in November 2009, Kamilah joined Magic Hips which she considers a dream come true. Kamilah performs regularly as a soloist at several area restaurants and special engagements and continues her studies by attending workshops with internationally known instructors to further develop her own style. Kamilah has focused mainly on American Cabaret & Modern Egyptian Styles but also enjoys exploring American Tribal Style. Kamilah also has a special interest in Hula & Tahitian Dance perfect for Luau theme events.




Magic Hips Dancer

Nalani discovered bellydance in October of 2003, when she began taking classes under the direction of Yasmine.  She quickly found a deep passion for the art form, and credits it as one of her favorite forms of dance, as it has allowed her a creative outlet and form of expression she has not found many places.  In addition to her bellydance training, Nalani spent 10 years studying & performing competitively in tap, jazz, and lyrical dance.  She is proud to have been one of the original members of Beledi Beat in 2005, and has performed as a soloist in many local restaurants.  She joined Magic Hips in January of 2007, and considers it one of the greatest dance honors she has experienced thus far.



Magic Hips Dancer
, Owner of The Belly Dance Shop

Shayda has been studying bellydance since 2002, inspired to learn after living in Turkey. She has been fortunate to study with both extraordinary teachers, Zarifa and Yasmine of Charlotte, NC. Her instructors have taught her fluidity, grace and technique. Most of all, they have shown her how to bring her personality forth through dance and is why Shayda is known for her charisma, energy and smile while performing. Due to the immense support of her instructors, she began her own business, The Belly Dance Shop, which has prospered and is now a large supporter of the belly dance community. Shayda has danced as a soloist, a member of the Hadadah Dancers, The Jewels of the Caravan, the Beledi Beat Dancers & joined Magic Hips in 2007.
As a soloist, Shayda won the title of Rising Star at the 4th Annual "Personal Best " Middle Eastern Dance Competition in Columbus, Ohio.


The Beledi Beat Dancers
(Yasmine's Studio Ensemble Performance Troupe)

The Beledi Beat Dancers are various members of Yasmine's school of Mid-East Dance. These dancers auditioned to be a part of this special group and perform at various gala shows, charitable events, Assisted Living Centers and Festivals throughout the year to educate the community about the art of belly dance and it's history as well as the beauty and power that all women hold in their hips!

"On behalf of the Zodiac Club, I thank you for a marvelous performance presented by Beledi Beat. You should be justly proud of your efforts to educate the public in the art of belly dancing. It is truly art in motion.We are honored that you were willing to bring your cultural performance to our group. The members of your group are talented and skilled. We appreciate your sharing that gift with Zodiac. Each of the performers had a facial expression that said that they enjoyed performing and sharing their talent." -P. Grant


Beledi Beat Dance Member

Amina started dancing at Yasmine's studio in 2004 with her daughter as a way to have something fun the two of them coud do together. They both soon realized the positive impact it had on the both of them. They both began to love the skin they were born with and dancing with all body types, shapes and sizes. Belly dance opened up a whole new world for them to experience together. Amina started her dancing career at an early age with tap, ballet & jazz. She stayed with ballet until her 20s dancing with the CPCC student troupe. Amina joined Beledi Beat in 2009 and is very excited about continuing her journey in dance along side of her new troupe members.
"Cultivate your curves, they may be dangerous but they won't be avoided" - Mae West

Beledi Beat Dance Member

Angela first discovered belly dance in 2002 when a college roommate encouraged her to take a basics course. Although she fell in love with the dance immediately, being a full-time Fine Arts major on a limited budget, she found it difficult to fully commit at this stage in her life. Years later, in 2007, Angela found Yasmine’s studio and began taking classes again. She immediately fell in love with Yasmine’s teaching style and technique. In her journey to find her own style, Angela has also began taking American Tribal Style classes with Sarah and continues to grow in both styles of dance. She is looking forward to further developing her style and technique and joined Beledi Beat in December 2010.


Beledi Beat Dance Member , Zumba Certified Instructor

Farasha began bellydance classes with Yasmine in 2004 after watching The Jewels of the Caravan perform at The Carolina Renaissance Festival.  Their performance inspired her to begin her own journey in dance.  She has been a member of Yasmine's student troupe, The Beledi Beat Dancers, since 2007.  Her favorite style of dance is raks al assaya (dancing with a cane) mixed with a little of the men's tahteeb style and also enjoys the gitano style of arabic/spanish fusion.  She also enjoys playing the tabla and is a certified Zumba Instructor.



Beledi Beat Dance Member

Isolde enjoys the camraderie of dancing in a troupe as she pursues her own path in dance.   She is inspired by Bozenka, Cassandra, Yasmine and The Bellydance Superstars and continues her studies with Yasmine as well as master instructors to continually learn more about this beautiful art form. Isolde considers becoming a member of The Beledi Beat Dancers in 2008 to be one of the greatest dance accomplishments she has experienced thus far.

Beledi Beat Dance Member, En-Trance Bellydance Member

Jenny started cabaret bellydance classes with Yasmine in January 2006, after seeing the Jewels of the Caravan performing at the Carolina Renaissance Festival. Having no previous dance experience, Jenny immediately fell in love with the grace and beauty of bellydance. She began taking American Tribal Style classes in August of 2007 and is a founding member of En-Trance Bellydance group that includes Beledi Beat member Sarah and Magic Hips member Kamilah. Her inspirations include Rachel Brice and the Indigo Dance Company, Jenny Helms, Sashi, Tempest, Ava Fleming, Yasmine, Nayna, Caroleena Nericcio and virtually anyone who has the spirit and courage to share their love of the dance. Jenny joined Beledi Beat December 2010.

Beledi Beat Dance Member

Nazaaha fell in love with the beauty of belly dance at the age of 16 while watching Jewels of The Caravan dance at the Carolina Renaissance Festival, and dreamed of joining Beledi Beat ever since.  She began studying the art of belly dance in August 2006 with no prior background in dance whatsoever and continues to be amazed with the positive effects the art has had on her life on a daily basis.  No stranger to life’s curve balls, belly dance has been the only constant and constructive force that Nazaaha has found over the last 4 years. Nazaaha feels joining Beledi Beat in December 2010 to be one of the greatest dance accomplishments she has experienced thus far and is grateful for the opportunity to share her love of this art form with these wonderful ladies.  She finds inspiration in all the women who dare to find root in themselves through this beautiful art form and aspires to promote the art of belly dance to any and everyone who dares to dream.

Beledi Beat Dance Member

Paradiis has been performing under the direction of Yasmine since 2004. She has had the honor of being a Beledi Beat troupe member since 2007. Dance has always been a part of her life with roots in tap, ballet, and jazz that now have transitioned to the beautiful art of bellydance. Paradiis continues her studies as a dance student attending workshops with master instructors from the bellydance world. Her interests are in the disciplines of Golden Age Raks Sharqi and World Fusion. Paradiis also has been performing at the Carolina Renaissance Festival since 2007 as a member of the Jewels of the Caravan.

Beledi Beat Dance Member

While exploring bellydance as a form of exercise, Tanya realized her passion for the dance soon after and began instruction under Nadirah of Nadirah Dance Company. After 6 months of starting with Nadirah Dance Company, she gave her first troupe performance in July of 2005 while attending a workshop with Suhaila. The workshop was hosted in Charleston, SC and that was the first time Tanya saw Yasmine perform. In awe of Yasmine's performance, she decided one day she would study under Yasmine. Four years later, Tanya attended a workshop with Yasmine in Asheville NC and soon after joined Yasmine's studio. Within one month she began to improve technique and stage presence under the tutelage of Yasmine. Tanya enjoys Cabaret style while exploring the various stylization's of Ava, Juliana & Sonia. Tanya joined Beledi Beat in November 2009 and hopes to continue to learn and advance her technique along side of a talented group of ladies

Beledi Beat Dance Member, Lead Instructor of ATS,
Director of En-Trance Bellydance

Sarah, a former gymnast, joined Beledi Beat in November 2009. She began dancing at Yasmine's Studio in September 2008 taking both Cabaret Style classes & American Tribal Style (ATS). She really fell into ATS and joined Moonsister Bellydance Company directed by Jenny Helms a few months later. Although she loves ATS and finds her roots in it, she enjoys exploring various styles of bellydance and feels that becoming a Beledi Beat dance member will only help her continue on her path thru dance to explore other styles & develop her own style. Sarah is also a founder and director of En-Trance Bellydance Tribal Dance Troupe. Besides being a dancer, Sarah is a Tattoo Artist.


Beledi Beat Dance Member

Zohreh has been studying the art of belly dance since 2002.  Having lived in the Middle East for two years and being half Persian, it seemed a natural venue for her to explore.  She has been truly fortunate to study with very talented and extraordinary teachers, Zarifa and Yasmine of Charlotte, NC, as well as attending many workshops nationwide.  She enjoys sharing the joy of dance with others. Over the past few years, Zohreh has danced as a soloist and also with Troupe Sholeh placing in several competitions and joined Beledi Beat in December 2010.  (photo by Jane A. Wiley)