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I am enjoying your classes. They are a challenge for me... The posture, the co-ordination, the precise purposeful movements, all together are a lot to think about.... But I love a challenge... And you always include something simple enough so that I can feel small victories of "oh ok! I got that part!" - Kim L. (student)


All classes held at: Mid-East Dance by Yasmine, 540 Griffith Road, Charlotte NC 28217 (704-525-3606)
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New students will need a hip scarf, zills (finger cymbals), and a veil to start with Bellydance Basics offered on Tuesdays at 7:15pm and Thursdays at 6pm. Go to The Belly Dance Shop our local vendor for Bellydance Accessories & Supplies. You may dance barefoot, or in dancepaws/foot undies, or soft soled shoes like ballet or jazz shoes. Beginners may also wish to supplement the Bellydance Basics Sequence of classes with other Technique Classes offered by Yasmine such as Precision Drills, Shimmy to the Max & Conditioning & Flexibility for Dancers. Scroll to bottom of page to see class descriptions or ask Yasmine for recommendation of other supplemental technique classes. You can start at anytime with Yasmine's Bellydance Basics, Basic Rhythm & Movement, Precision Drills and all other multi-level Technique classes. Dance Ensemble/Troupe Placement is per Yasmine's discretion. Please see class descriptions at bottom of page for more details regarding classes.

Already have bellydance experience with another instructor? then you should start with trying any of Yasmine's Technique Classes and let Yasmine know you are interested in finding out what Ensemble Level class will be the right fit for you. Ensemble Placement is per Yasmine's discretion. Int/Adv Dancers should always have a veil and zills on hand for each class. Some classes may also require other items/props as specified in the class description.

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(class schedule updated 4/27/11)
(No session start dates for Yasmine's Technique classes- Drop-in & Start anytime!

ATS/Tribal Monday Classes taught by Sarah, Friday Zumba Classes (starting April 1st) taught by Farasha and All other classes unless otherwise indicated are taught by Yasmine.

Placement in one of Yasmine's Dance Ensembles (Mystical Mayas, Oriental Elegance, Shimmering Sands & Unveiled Jewels) or Troupe Class (Beledi Beat, Magic Hips) is per Instructor's discretion and/or troupe audition. You can start all other Technique classes at any time.

*scroll to bottom of page for Yasmine's Class Descriptions

Studio Closed for Special Events, Seminars & Holidays (Click Here)
No Yasmine Wednesday Classes on 5/11/11 (studio closed)
No Yasmine Saturday Classes on 5/14/11: Gypsy Passion workshop w/ Najma Nour

No Yasmine Saturday Classes on 5/28/11: (studio closed)
*Class Schedules/Dates Subject to change* please check online calendar frequently for current updates
**minimum of 5 participants needed per class or class may be canceled**

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Dancers should always have zills, veil & hip scarf/dancewear on hand for each class. go to The Belly Dance Shop for accessories and store hours. Some classes may require veil, gypsy skirt, fans or other props or items as specified in class description.
Dancers may dance barefoot or in soft soled shoes such as ballet/jazz shoes, dance paws/foot undies.

Yasmine's Technique Classes:
Bellydance Basics This class will alternate covering vivacious moves, sultry moves, intro to zills (finger cymbals) & veil work, and Movement & Rhythm. Each class will focus on posture and explaining an overview of the technique and execution of various bellydance movements per Yasmine's dance curriculum to help students build a strong foundation of movements in belly dance. The Bellydance Basics sequence of classes offered will also include an introduction to basic Finger cymbal (zills) technique and intro to working with a veil within the rotation of classes. Students will need zills and a veil for the Bellydance Basics Sequence as specified below. Recommended for Beginner Level Students and to New Students to Yasmine's dance curriculum and terminology as well as dancers of all levels wishing to polish technique. See studio calendar above for bellydance Topic offered each week.
Bellydance Basics-Vivacious Moves: this class will cover posture, basic arm positions, slides, basic hipwork & shimmies, twists, lifts, pops & drops and basic traveling steps

Bellydance Basics-Sultry Moves: this class will cover posture, more concentration on elegant arms and hand embellishments, slides, variations of circles, figure8's, undulations and some juicy traveling steps.
Bellydance Basics-Intro to Zills & Veil: this class will cover posture, basic finger cymbal patterns along with basic movements & an introduction to dancing with a veil. *This class requires participant to bring zills and a 3-4 yard veil which can be purchased thru The Belly Dance Shop. Yasmine prefers silk veils but chiffon veils may also be used.
Bellydance Basics-Movement & Rhythm : this class focuses on the technique and execution of fundamental Raqs Al Sharqi (Egyptian belly dance) movements to specific Middle Eastern Rhythms so that the dancer will learn to recognize the placement of dance movement with common rhythms. Repetition in drilling to common rhythms will help the dancer to gain more control and become connected to the music. This class is great for beginners wishing to get a head start on associating specific movements with the sounds of the tabla and is also recommended for all dance levels to enhance essential dance practice while learning rhythms.

Conditioning & Flexibility for Dancers: This class is geared for all dancers. Class will include a warm-up, shimmy cardio drills, , muscular endurance and toning exercises, abdominals, and intense stretching to increase flexibility. Dancers will need to bring a yoga mat and a pair of
2-4lb weights for this class.

Int/Adv Dance Movement:
This class will compliment int/adv ensemble level classes as a practice companion to improve upon overall dance skill, performance, & presentation. The class will include drills and exercises to sharpen your technique, dance skill and artistry of movement.

Precision Drills
for Essential Practice This multi-level class includes essential fundamental technique with repetitive body sequence & isolation drills to increase range of motion and precision in your dance movements to refine your dance skills. This class is recommended for all levels of students to enhance dance practice.

Rhythmic Hips & Improvisation:
This class is geared toward int/adv dancers however advanced beginners are welcome and is a continuation of study of Basic Movement & Rhythm for Raqs al Sharqi. Class will include concentration of rhythms with drills as well as include some work with improvisation in presenting rhythms in music as well as an introduction in presenting specific instruments on the body.

Shimmy to the Max:
This is a multi-level class to improve your shimmying power & endurance with Yasmine's favorite shimmy techniques and shimmy drills. Class may also include options for layering.

Veil Tips, Tricks, & Combos: This multi-level class will cover more concentration on single veil moves, transitions, wraps and spins that can be used in your own choreography or improvisational dance so that you can be one with your veil! Class will end with combining techniques into a dance sequence. This class requires partcipant to be familiar with basic veil work skills and requires participant to bring a 3-4 yard veil which can be purchased thru The Belly Dance Shop. Yasmine prefers silk veils but chiffon veils may also be used.

Yasmine's Mid-East Dance Ensemble Levels:

-See Yasmine before entering a Dance Ensemble (choreography) level class.
Ensemble Placement is per Yasmine's Discretion-

Mystical Mayas:
includes "begintermediate" (adv. beginner/new intermediate) choreography.
(This ensemble will be offered again soon)
Oriental Elegance:includes "Intervanced" (intermediate/ adv. intermediate) choreography.
Shimmering Sands: includes "advanced" study & choreography
Unveiled Jewels: This is a multi-level world fusion dance ensemble open to all dance ensemble members. (This ensemble will be offered again soon)
Recital Rehearsal Classes Rehearsal classes are for for All Current Ensemble Level members in preparation for student concerts. We will review & polish all dances and staging for ensemble performance and include a Dress Rehearsal for each ensemble. Regular attendance is highly recommended and appreciated for Dance Ensemble Rehearsal classes.

Yasmine's Dance Troupes:

Beledi Beat Dancers
(Student Performance Troupe) Not open to general public
Troupe Study & Performance / by audition only to current Oriental Elegance & Shimmering Sands students and/or by Yasmine/Magic Hips recommendation. Auditions are announced on as-needed basis. You will see these ladies performing at various festivals, charitable events, gala shows and educational functions.
Magic Hips Dancers
(Professional Troupe) Not open to general public. This is the highest level of performance ensemble within Yasmine's Mid-East Dance Studio. You will see these ladies performing at area restaurants & private engagements, special events & gala shows.
Pre-requisite for auditioning for professional troupe is 1 year as Beledi Beat dance member and/or by Yasmine/Magic Hips recommendation. Auditions are announced on an as-needed basis.

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